Sustainability Policy
Environment, Health and Safety

As part of the global community,, Hermes-Epitek is committed to achieving its business sustainability goals in an environmentally and socially responsible way. The drastic changes in our climate and environment have been a wake-up call. We now understand that enterprises must be accountable to all stakeholders in that we have the duty to improve the lives of our employees and their families, raise living standards for communities and societies and be consciously aware of the environment we live in. These commitments will make corporate sustainability even more meaningful.

Over the past few years, we have taken the initiative to install a solar power system in the Company’s production facilities and to promote plastic reduction, low sugar diets, environmentally friendly food choices, and personalized health examinations for colleagues. We hope that these activities will improve our employees’ wellbeing, reduce pollution and inspire recycling and reutilization habits as we join hands in upholding our environmentally conscious philosophy and cherish the planet we call home!

Hermes-Epitek focuses on the promotion of environmental awareness, safety and health. We invite you to join us in increasing our understanding of these issues and taking further action to protect the Earth’s resources, ensure operational safety, and safeguard our health and wellbeing.


Environment, health and safety policy

  • Adapt to legal and regulatory requirements and fulfill international standards
    Hermes-Epitek is committed to adapt to requirements stipulated by legislations, international conventions, and customer regulations, gain full understanding of global EHS trends, and uphold its obligations in compliance.
  • Treasure the value of life and dedicate proper measures to safeguard ndividual safety and health
    Hermes-Epitek vows to prioritize considerations for personal safety and health by improving the scope and depth of our services, introducing risk assessments, strengthening contingency response abilities, engaging in health promotion, and fully integrating safety and health awareness improvements.
  • Reduce environmental burden and promote green management
    Hermes-Epitek aims to support global trends in environmental protection with full dedication to energy conservation, waste reduction, and pollution prevention while at the same time continuing to support green management.
  • Establish a management system and pursue continuous performance improvements
    Hermes-Epitek makes efforts to establish an EHS management system (EHSMS) and make continuous improvements to EHS problems, promote EHS awareness, support global EHS efforts, strengthen commitments to corporate responsibility, and become a sustainable enterprise.