Why Partner with Hermes-Epitek?

Hermes-Epitek’s Partnership Network and Service Pledge have enabled us to become a unique company in the global semiconductor industry. Hermes-Epitek’s vision is to “become a world class semiconductor and Opto-Electronic company” by delivering top-notch products and services.

In tune with the motto “Service By Hermes-Epitek”, our clients and equipment suppliers can maintain trust and confidence in our products and our support. To achieve tripartite wins, Hermes-Epitek not only brings optimum overall equipment performance to its clients but also enables equipment suppliers to secure the highest possible market acceptance.

Our Principal

Hermes-Epitek features international-standard technological capabilities to deliver optimized product packages for semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment. In addition, Hermes-Epitek also integrates equipment from different vendors to not only achieve optimum equipment performance for clients but also secure the highest market acceptance of related equipment suppliers.

Business Portfolio


Hermes-Epitek provides leading semiconductor & opto-electronic manufacturing equipment and proceed technologies. We offer comprehensive value-added services covering equipment distribution, tech support, procedural development, relevant trainings and relocation service to ensure optimal cost-benefit for our clients.

IC Process

FPD Process

LED Process

Technical Team

The core of Hermes-Epitek is a technical support team of 500 people. The team has a wealth of industry experience and extremely low employee turnover rate, which is why the engineers of Hermes-Epitek are able to provide customers with high-quality services that eliminate all their worries and concerns. Our technical team is on call 24 hours a day and offer team-based solutions, minimizing customer losses due to downtime.

Business Performance


Since the founding of Hermes-Epitek over 40 years ago, we have achieved multiple industry records:

We have participated in almost all of the construction and establishment of silicon wafer manufacture plants in Taiwan and Southeast Asia; in the past decade, we have also participated in the establishment of factories and company founded in China.

The total number of equipment installed has exceeded 22,000.

The Sustaining Force Behind Success Stories

22,000+ semiconductor and opto-electronic equipment installed
1,200+ members worldwide service team
200+ semiconductor and opto-electronic plants served
40+ years of professional services
24 hours non-stop, year-round technical support
16 worldwide business locations

Manufacturing Center

Providing semiconductor equipment assembling and parts manufacturing

We actively meet our clients’ wide range of needs, utilizing production time and quality control to quickly proceed to the product mass production stage.

Semiconductor and Opto-electronics Equipment and MFG

EBARA corporation (Japan)

  • CMP: Metal, Dielectric CMP
  • Plating: Metal plating

Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc. (Taiwan)

  • Ion Implantation: Ion Implanter (A Hermes-Epitek subsidiary company)

Sumitomo (Japan)

  • Ion Implantation: Ion Implanters and Plasma Doping

Mycronic AB (Sweden)

  • Leading supplier of production solutions to the electronics industry
  • Pattern Generators: Display, Semiconductor, Touch Panels and Advanced Packaging
  • Surface Mount Technology Equipment: Placement, Jet Printing and Component Storage

Boston Process Technologies, Inc. (United States)

Fluxless Thermo-Compression Bonder & AXI+

Fluxless Solder Ball Bumping total solution

  • Symphony one (fluxless solder ball mount & reflow, Inspection & repair)
  • Symphony Fluxless Solder Ball Mount
  • Symphony Fluxless Reflow

Fluxless Thermal Compression Gang Bonder & AXI+

  • Concerto (fluxless thermal compression gang bonder)
  • AXI+ In-Tool Inspection & Repair (coming soon)



Components and Materials

Fujikin Incorporated (Japan)

  • Parts: FCS ( Flow Control System ), IGS (Integrated Gas System )

Benchmark Technologies (United States)

  • Lithography: Reticle/ Masks; Focus Analysis Software; Gary PIX; Position Calibration kits; Quantitative Phase Calibration plate.


  • Si parts
  • SiC Ingot, Sic Substrate
  • Chiller (New & Repair)
  • RF, RPS (Remote Plasma Source)

Biomedicine & Medical treatment

  • DNA sensor chip
  • Biochip IVD scanner
  • BNCT treatment
  • Proton Therapy
  • Pesticide residue diagnosis
  • Blood pump implant for heart failure patients
  • Electronic eyes and ears
  • Nano wire-FET bio-sensing platform
  • Electronic medicine
  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Epidemic screen

Energy efficiency

  • WBG semiconductor
  • GaN-based power management technology
  • SiC device design house
  • Automobile turbo charger
  • BLDC motor and control design and manufacturing
  • BLDC MCU + gate drivers + power MOS

AIoT and Life

  • Design and creative
  • Anti-Bacterial Yarn & C0 DWR Process
  • Water repellent fabric chemical & process
  • Smart-tinting glass