EBARA corporation (Japan)

  • CMP: Metal, Dielectric CMP
  • Plating: Metal plating

Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc. (Taiwan)

  • Ion Implantation: Ion Implanter (A Hermes-Epitek subsidiary company)

Sumitomo (Japan)

  • Ion Implantation: Ion Implanters and Plasma Doping

Mycronic AB (Sweden)

  • Leading supplier of production solutions to the electronics industry
  • Pattern Generators: Display, Semiconductor, Touch Panels and Advanced Packaging
  • Surface Mount Technology Equipment: Placement, Jet Printing and Component Storage

Boston Process Technologies, Inc. (United States)

Fluxless Solder Bumping Processors

  • Fluxless solder ball mount & rework
  • Fluxless solder reflow
  • Wafer level inspection

Benchmark Technologies (United States)

  • Lithography: Reticles/Masks; Focus Analysis tool; Software

Fujikin Incorporated (Japan)

  • Parts: FCS ( Flow Control System ), IGS (Integrated Gas System )

Cowin DST CO, LTD. (Korea)

  • FPD: Light Leakage Repair System; Pad Pattern Repair System; Half Tone Photo Mask Repair System
  • PV: Laser Selective Emitter Doping & Real Metal Contact
  • TSP: Laser Direct Patterning System; Cover Glass Hole Drilling & Edge Polishing System

Tricorn (Taiwan)

  • VOC / AMC detector in manufacturing environment with sub-ppb level of capability.

TC TECH Sweden AB (Sweden)

A patented unique system for the production of light guide plates

  • TCP 1000 HT/HP; 150 HPE; 100 HP
  • TCP EE, Edge Embossing

ORC (Japan)

  • Stepper : Bump, Cu Post, RDL, TSV
  • lamp : UV lamp

Taiwan Electron Microscope Instrument Corporation (Taiwan)

Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope & Liquid-Phase Inspection Modules

  • Desktop SEM & Liquid-Phase Inspection Modules
  • BEI + STEM analysis
  • Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) for elemental analysis
  • Software for 3D view and surface roughness measurement functions


ASM Pacific Technology Limited (ASMPT) is a leading integrated solutions provider in Semiconductor and Electronics industries. We have three business segments – Back-end Equipment, Materials, and NEXX Products….

NvisANA (Korea)

Wafer Impurity Contamination Monitoring System

  • In-Line Wafer Metallic Contamination Monitoring System
  • In-Line Wafer Ionic Contamination Monitoring System
  • In-Line Wafer Organic Contamination Monitoring System
  • Automated Metallic Impurity Monitoring System For Gas and Chemical

Ast Ltd. (Taiwan)

  • LED E-Beam Evaporator: Metal, ITO Film Evaporator.
  • LED Spin Coater/Developer: Photo Resist Spin Coater/Developer
  • LED Plasma Etcher/Stripper: Sapphire, Mesa ICP Etcher.
  • LED Wafer Bonder


Optical Associates Inc.

OAI is a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of advanced precision equipment for the Solar, Photovoltaic, Semiconductor, MEMS, and Microfluidics Industries.

Mask Aligner
UV meter & Probes

YESIANG Enterprise Co., Ltd.

AMC Filter for MAU, AHU, RCU, FFU and Tool.
AMC Mini Environment Solution (FFU + AMC Filter).
AMC Air Washer Equipment.
Particle Filter for MAU, AHU, FFU and Tool.

Tung An Development LTD.

Tung An Development Limited was established to provide business of PVA products on February, 2003. This company is responsible for the development of many types of special synthetic plastic and rubber material as well as manufacturing processes for its customers. Its goals are to enhance quality, solve the customers’ problems, and pursue excellence in the industry.

V5 Technologies

Leading Company of AI and Image Processing Technologies

  • Automated OM
  • AI ADC
  • 2D AOI (Automated Optical inspection)

Nearfield Instruments (荷蘭)

全自動超高速 3D掃描探針顯微鏡,對於發展及監測以下先進製程特別有幫助:

  • CMP:Hybrid bonding,表面平整度及粗糙度
  • (High NA) 極紫光黃光製程:光阻量測及缺陷檢測
  • 高深寬比結構量測
  • 表面下對準及缺陷量測

Nearfield Instruments (the Netherlands)

Nearfield Instruments develops and delivers revolutionary metrology and inspection solutions for the advanced semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Automated unrivalled high-throughput 3D scanning probe microscopes for process development
and control of:

  • CMP: Hybrid bonding, flatness & roughness
  • (High NA) EUV lithography: photoresist metrology and defectivity
  • High aspect ratio structures for deep and narrow trenches and holes
  • Subsurface overlay/ defectivity