Our core values

Dignity, trust, partnership, freedom, and life

Dignity, trust, partnership, freedom, and life. These five words represent the core values of Hermes-Epitek.

Our mission is to assist our principals and clients in reaching success.

In this mission we have embedded the core values of Hermes-Epitek, providing a dignified and self-fulfilling work environment that enables a group of aspiring partners to work together.


When we are praised for outstanding performances, and still remain humble and gracious while truly feeling the respect given to us by others,
this perfectly embodies the concept of dignity.

At work, we focus on heading in the right direction,
making sure goals are met, and gaining a sense of honor for one’s professionalism, instead of only minding each other’s positions and standpoints. 

This creates an atmosphere where everyone can be creative and productive. We believe that this will give everyone in the company a sense of accomplishment, dignity, and happiness.


There are two kinds of trust: trust in someone’s character,
and trust in someone’s ability. Mutual trust is based on being able to be trusted – that is an important first step.

Trust is not just a sentiment, but also a valuable asset. We must have a broad vision and an open mind, and we must be dedicated to our principals and engage in all business with integrity. 

This will allow us to generate full trust in each other when it comes to personality and ability. Only those who have mutual trust can be part of a team, and become the company’s greatest assets.


A diverse group of people with mutual trust, shared beliefs and shared values that gladly work together establish a self-managing team with reward systems within the organization, and create an inter-departmental organization based on shared goals or missions thereby becoming a truly effective team.

They develop strong mutual trust with colleagues, partners and clients
for the provision of services. 

That which is created by mutual integration, is far more valuable and has more potential than those created by individuals. After such value has been created, look upon it and share with gratitude. This is the proper spirit of “Partnership”.


Have the courage to try different ways of organizing, create different cultural styles, and pursue creative work styles, enriching our inner life through the realization of values.

People or groups with outstanding characters give the company a good chance of business success, improve the quality of life and accumulate positive energy within the company, ultimately realizing our management principle of creating a space of freedom.

In short, we manage our company by “doing things our own way”, a degree of freedom that is extremely valuable.


Create a pleasant, quality work environment, and make work an important part of life, by cleverly combining work and life, not only reaching a balance between the two, but also letting one enrich the other.

We are passionate about our work and lifestyle, and we respect life even more. The actual meaning of each person’s work is in fact working for life,
working for yourself, for loved ones, for related or unrelated people.