Quantum Computer Keynote Speech


Quantum Computer is regarded as the most important breakthrough after steam engine, electricity, and semiconductor in the human history. Google, Intel, IBM Microsoft, as well as Chinese government and high-tech companies have been invested a lot in the research. After the commercialization of Quantum computing, the Bitcoin mining and password may disappear. And the “’New AI” that is ten thousand stronger will replace the current AI. The field of medicine, communication, finance, transportation, AI, and weather forecast may have a revolutionary change in the future.

For now, we know little about it. Therefore, Hermes-Epitek had invited professor Ching-Ray Chang from National Taiwan University, talking about the topic. We sincerely invite you to join us to explore Quantum knowledge with this video.

Note: The video recording published on Hermes-Epitek website is authorized by professor Ching-Ray Chang. Please do not share without permission.