Infusing New Life into An Old Building


New Looks for the Old Factory

In 2016, the Company initiated a new construction project for our Zhanye Plant and was faced with the choice of whether to demolish the original building or not. Due to environmental considerations, we chose to renovate the old building.

The Zhanye Plant was formerly known as Sinonar Co., Ltd. The first factory established in October 1989 at the Hsinchu Science Park, and was followed by the construction of a phase II steel structure in 1994. Acquired by Hermes-Epitek in 2015, the building has now been over 30 years.

Every single step taken during the reinforcement process was a challenging obstacle, as problems included RC column misalignment, insufficient weight resistance on the floors, leaking roofs, loose and aging structures, flaking and dirty exterior walls and the disintegration of fireproof coverings. The building that was about to be reborn is built on a gentle slope and has a unique inclined roof structure. Infusing new life into a decadent building while taking advantage of topographic conditions and implementing environmentally-friendly concepts was a major challenge for the construction team.


Preserving the Old Trees

The first challenge faced in the reconstruction of the old site was the transplantation of the old trees. Hermes-Epitek invited gardening experts to properly handle and find a temporary home for this group of trees that originally. A series of pruning, root excavation, hoisting, transferring, temporary planting and final maintenance operations were conducted to increase the survival chances of the trees, so we could welcome these special guests back into their original home in a few years. Environmentally speaking, the transplantation of old trees will enable us to save them, preserve their original growth space full of memories and experiences.

Green Building and Space Revitalization

Authentically valuing old buildings requires respecting the original materials, retaining the original style, and highlighting the traces of passing years as we believe the process of renovation is like a dialog with the past. We need to understand this past in order to fully retain its uniqueness. In the past, the particular inclined roof structure of this building used to be completely opaque, just like a secret chamber. Six large skylights to be installed and directly bring sunlight into the offices, not only reducing electrical expenditure on fluorescent lighting but also bringing in the vitality and energy of the sun.

Strengthening the Structure and Transforming its Shape

The design team did not want to erase the memories that this 30-year-old building had accumulated over time; therefore, structural reinforcements and elimination of unnecessary decorations will constitute the initial phase of the renovation. In order to make the original design more stable, a large number of steel structures and shock absorbers are used for reinforcement which makes the structure stronger without damaging its overall integrity. This approach is also more suitable for Taiwan’s earthquake-prone geographical environment.



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