Sharing a Meal with the Community

As good neighbors, we share food with our friends on the street


Hermes-Epitek opens cafeteria for lunch from 11:30a.m. to 2:00p.m.. Many of our employees who are stationed at customers’ factories prefer to come back to the Company to have their lunch and take a break. However, the time they return to the Company is not really fixed. If their work must be delivered on a tight schedule, employees will usually send a colleague to bring back lunch boxes for everyone. It is evident that our employees would rather come back to Hermes-Epitek than grab a meal elsewhere.

Upon considering what we can do for the more disadvantaged groups within the local community, we thought that since our employees are very satisfied with Hermes-Epitek’s food, then why not cook some more and provide it to the homeless on the street, the poor, and the nearby youth welfare agencies.

Since we received positive feedback from our friends on the street, providing lunch to the homeless became a fixed practice. Today, the Hermes-Epitek kitchen prepares numerous extra meals every day, in this way sharing our care and warmth.

One of our colleagues once stated: “I deeply value the caring warmth of our company, and the fact that we share what we enjoy the most with those in need”.