Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hermes-Epitek Corporation (simply referred to as “our company” below) values the personal information and privacy of online guests. An explanation of the privacy protection policy (simply referred to as “this policy” below) on this website is given here in order to follow the Personal Information Protection Act and to protect your rights and interests. Our company gives absolute protection and respect to any of the information provided by you. Our company will work according to the content of this policy except for those otherwise stipulated by law or unless you have other agreement with our company. Please read the following content:

Applicable Field of the Privacy Protection Policy

This policy applies to all the personal information collected on the portal site of our company (domain name is ““, simply referred to as “this website” below). This policy does not apply to the websites of associated links other than this website, nor does it apply to the personnel that are not commissioned or involved in management by this website.

Collection of Personal Information

1. Purpose of collection: In principle, you are not required to enter any personal information when you enter our company’s website. However, our company must ask you to provide personal information so as to respond to your comments, inquiries or requests on this website.
2. Type of personal information collected: According to the specific purposes mentioned above, our company will ask you to provide the following personal information. When you enter your personal information, it means that you agree to allow our company to collect, handle and use your personal information:
– Personal information for individual recognition: information such as guest name, phone number, email, etc.
3. This website will never collect any of your personal information without explicit notification.
4. You are entitled to refuse to provide personal information, but do understand and agree that, as a result, our company may not be able to provide you complete service, handle certain businesses for you, or respond to your inquiries or requests.

Handling and Use of Personal Information

As per the stipulations by law and for the specific purposes agreed by you, our company will perform the handling and use of your personal information and adopt every necessary measure, including administrative and technical measures, to protect your personal information from being lost, stolen or abused as well as from being accessed, disclosed, modified or damaged without authorization. Moreover, our company will never voluntarily sell, exchange, transfer, disclose or lend any of your personal information to another third party and private use of the personal information by the staff inside is strictly prohibited. However, our company is allowed to disclose your personal information to another third party or for use other than the specific purposes under the following circumstances:

1. stipulated by law;
2. to improve public interest;
3. to meet the demand of court or government agencies;
4. to prevent the rights, property, or safety of our company, other users of this website, or the public from violation;
5. with your written agreement.

Associated External Links on the Website

This website provides network links to other websites. You can connect to other websites by clicking on the links provided on this website. However, this policy does not apply to the websites of those links and our company is not responsible for the privacy protection policy of other websites.

Your Rights to Your Personal Information
For your personal information collected by our company, you can make the following requests via “Contact Us“:

1. Query or request a review;
2. Request a copy;
3. Request a supplement or correction;
4. Request suspension of collection, handling or use;
5. Request deletion.

Privacy Protection Policy Revision

In response to the change in social environment and laws and regulations as well as the advance in technology, our company has the right to modify this policy anytime in order to protect the privacy of online guests and to facilitate reasonable use of the personal information. When you use this website, it means that you agree to accept the restrictions of the revised version of this policy. You should visit this page regularly to comprehend our company’s current effective privacy protection policy.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or comments to this policy, you are welcome to contact our company by using “Contact Us“.