Droplets can Form a River. Let’s Change Begin.

“Change” is pronounced “lîng-kak-á” in Taiwanese, referring to loose coins in pockets.


Around all tea space at Hermes-Epitek, there are small boxes labeled “Small Change”. When employees take a tea bag, coffee, or a beverage, they can put in whatever small change they happen to have. This is not an honesty store seeking to cover costs; every little bit of “small change” is a source of income for the Charity Fund.

This self-managed, employee-initiated “Small Change” fund, to which our colleagues voluntarily donate their spare change, is not restricted by too many rules. For many years, it has been an important channel through which Hermes-Epitek employees participate in social welfare and emergency aid. Although donation helping the needs never stop, the balance of this fund still maintains a very high level of over NT$ 20 million.

This widespread and sustained response of Hermes-Epitek employees is obviously the main reason behind the growing size of Small Change. Through this experience, we witness the concept of pebbles piling into a mountain, where a small act of kindness accumulates into a great contribution that has already become a part of everyday life for our employees here at Hermes-Epitek. The most important thing to note is that thanks to the complete trust and affirmation of the employees regarding our management of fund donations, this beautiful caring act has grown and expanded into what it is today.


Author / Kay