Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc., AIBT

Ion Beam Implanter

Episil Holding Inc.

Code: 3707.TW

Episil Technologies Inc., Episil

• Wafer Foundry Service on Silicon and WBG based power devices.
• The Partner of Worldwide WBG Foundry

Episil-Precision Inc., EPI

Code: 3016.TW
• Si Epitaxy, SiC/SiC Epitaxy, GaN/Si Epitaxy
• Trustworthy partner on epitaxial materials

Taiwan Hi-Tech Corporation, THT

• Super Junction MOSFET
• Develop differentiated technologies to meet customer needs

Hermes Testing Solutions Inc.

Testing Solutions

Heron Neutron Medical Corp., Heron

Shinyu Light Co., Ltd., Shinyu

• LED Lighting
• World class vapor chamber cooling structure for LED Lighting with best optics of illumination

AnTaimmu BioMed Co., Ltd., ATBM

Antibody drug, Growth factor,..etc

Focus e-Beam Technology, FBT

High Throughput SEM

Hermes Advanced Therapy Systems Corp.


Proton Therapy Systems
Digital Healthcare

Huntertex Corp

Tearing Through the Limitations of Textiles with Innovations Beyond Imagination


Creaticon Biotechnology Inc. (CTB)

• 傳染性疾病專業快篩檢測
• 傳染性疾病居家檢測
• 有效性的癌症治療

Creaticon Biotechnology Inc. (CTB)

• Rapid test for Infectious disease
• Infectious disease test for OTC
• Effectiveness of cancer treatment