Subsidy to CT for Smoker

We don’t encourage smoking, but, if it were a family member who does, wouldn’t you ask him/her to get a screening?


That day, at the employee health assessment meeting, the boss asked about the prevention and treatment of lung cancer.

The colleagues from the Health Center replied that in some of the colleagues’ work environments, they might be exposed to dust, chemicals, fumes and other elements. We should subsidize the group of these colleagues for further lung screening.

Our boss nodded approvingly, but then followed on by asking: What about our colleagues who smoke? They are also highly susceptible to lung cancer. What can we do for them?

The colleagues from the Health Center went silent. Smoking is a personal choice, not a work requirement. Apart from persuading them to stop, what else can the company do? A colleague cleared his throat and hesitantly said: “It costs NT$6000 to 7000 for low-dose CT screening, it’s quite expensive. Also, there is the issue of fairness if the company pays for the colleagues who smoke. But we can recommend them to pay screenings out of their own pocket and encourage them to stop smoking.”

“Smoking is indeed the colleagues’ own choice”, the boss conceded, “but they are our colleagues. If they smoke, they are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer. If we can help one colleague get a screening, we help an entire family”. He looked steadily at the Health Center colleague and carried on: “If it were our own family member, we wouldn’t consider the costs or anything else; we would want them to get the screening. So, let’s provide this checkup to the colleagues who smoke for free!”

After many years of screening, we screened out a couple of employees with cancer. We immediately assisted them with medical treatments and surgery arrangements, and they finally returned to work and get back a normal life. After a round of free CT screening for colleagues who smoke, it has been changed to routine health check items and subsidized by the company.


Hermes-Epitek’s Health Center tailors comprehensive health checkup programs for colleagues, as well as health management measures for tracking and prevention, and has already become a pillar of support for every employee. This constitutes the family-like care and trust between the Company and its employees.

Only by caring and trusting like family are we able to take care of the health of Hermes-Epitek colleagues by focusing on even more specific dimensions. Our colleagues work in the company for eight hours a day; some of them even stay in the company dormitory overnight. All of the cleaning products used in the dormitory are from eco-friendly brands that emphasize on mildness and being irritant-free to the skin. To provide a healthy and fresh-smelling environment, and to prevent employees from inhaling artificial air freshener, the Company only buys deodorizers made from natural ingredients.

In addition, our resting space at the Tainan factory provides employees with five themed areas: “Coffee Lovers”, “Arts and Culture Exhibition”, “DJ Music Station”, “Literary Nourishment”, and “Sky Garden”, in order to create a space in which employees can take a break and unwind. Work is only a part of life; the carefully-designed rest areas enable employees to experience the beautiful things in life and have a space in which to relax their minds.


Author / Amber