2020 ORC Virtual Exhibition



JPCA show 2020 will be cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, ORC would like to host an virtual exhibition on the web and we would like to invite you. In this virtual exhibition show, ORC would announce the new direct imaging system「FDi-MPW」of wafer process suitable for FO-WLP rewiring forming.


In the meantime, we will exhibit Ozone air cleaner, which have been receiving good feedback from our customers. Other than virtual displays, we also offer product animation and catalog for our equipments.


  • Exhibition period:May 27, 2020 (Wed) – June 5,  2020 (Fri)
  • Website:orc-mfg.com
  • Products:Exposure system for PCB、Exposure system for Semiconductor、UV lamp、Ozone air cleaner for sterilization and deodorization