Yeats Charitable Trust Established for Public Welfare and Charitable Activities


The charity trust Yeats Social Welfare Fund, which was donated by the company’s shareholders, is purely for giving back to the society. As of the 26th, more than 40% of the cash positions have been executed.

This endowment of stock to the trust has enabled it to engage in public welfare activities using dividend income, which will continue to be earned from the stock and used for public welfare activities. The company will adhere to the Trust’s original charitable purpose and expand its public welfare activities as dividend payments increase. At present, this social welfare fund has only been established for just over a year, and with the passage of time, the public welfare projects planned by the company will gradually mature and become known to society.

For more information, please refer to the attached content.
Attachment: Hermes-Epitek established Yeats Charity Trust.